Bangkok Amazing Race


Welcome to Bangkok Amazing Race, an exhilarating, interactive and engaging team building activity. 

Are you looking for a team bonding activity in Bangkok, to align your team, to create unity, to motivate your workforce or as a unforgettable highlight to your Bangkok meeting or conference?


Amazing Race on Public Transportation - Muay Thai challenge

Participants are split into teams and each team must complete five cultural challenges. This includes Thai Cooking, Muay Thai Boxing, Flower Garland Making and many more.

Chinatown Walking Discovery - In front of temple

In Chinatown Walking Discovery, participants must travel by MRT and on foot through one of Bangkok's oldest districts. Throughout their journey, teams explore hidden temples, solve picture and video clues and end up in Bangkok's largest flower market.  

Pratunam Walking Discovery

Pratunam Cultural Discovery

In Pratunam Walking Discovery, teams uncover Bangkok's ancient waterways, barter for souvenirs in bustling markets, clink their glasses in one of the top rooftop bars, solve picture and video tasks and pay homage to the spirits at the infamous Erawan Shrine.  

9 people in Tuk-tuk challenge

 Travel through Thailand's Capital with the infamous Tuk-Tuks

Teams accumulate points throughout their journey and the team with the highest score is the winning team and shall receive a prize.

Customize your debriefing

Option mobile phone includes a video and picture slide show debriefing. Add funny games or bug eating competition to your debriefing. 

Market Barter Challenge

Market Barter Activity

In the market barter challenge, participants must purchase a set of typical cultural artifacts and receive points for the least amount of money spent.

Papaya Salad Making Challenge

Papaya Salad Making Challenge

In the Papapya Salad making challenge, teams are equipped with cooking utensils and ingredients and must replicate this sumptuous spicy Thai salad.

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Team posing in front of Wat Arun  for a group picture challenge
Khao Yai Amazing Race

Khao Yai is a nature retreat and team building destination 130 Km North of Bangkok. The Khao Yai Amazing Race includes a maze challenge, a blind wine tasting, visiting temples and many more. Option by bicycle or Songatew. 

Group posing for picture during Pattaya Amazing Race

In the Pattaya Amazing Race, team must overcome the most peculiar of challenges. Making a video at the Pattaya City Sign, bartering for Souvenirs at the Pattaya Floating Market, drawing the lazer Buddha and climbing the 200 steps to the topo of Mt. Mondop. 

Team Building group in front of Hua Hin City Sign

In the Hua Hin Amazing Race, delegates are split into teams and each team must solve challenges requiring communication and teamwork skills. Equipped with a mobile phone, picture and video tasks, teams discover the temples of Wat Cha Am Kiri, climb the mountains of Wat Tham Khao Tao and trek through the jungle to Sai Noi beach.

Hand over donations during Ho Chi Minh City Amazing Race

In this CSR Amazing Race, teams must solve the city's eight most important social and environmental problems. Equipped with a large budget, teams purchase groceries and deliver it to Christina Nobel Foundation, clean up street rubbish, and send a postcard to a stranger. Many more challenges await the enthusiastic team.  

Inside Angkor Wat, teams deciphering mural

Participants are provided with a tuk-tuk and a mission to explore Siem Reap's most stunning UNESCO temples. During their journey, they must decipher ancient tales and solve tasks and challenges along the way. An unforgettable team building experience at the temples of Angkor Wat.

Start of the Lapp Asia Phnom Penh Amazing Race

Phnom Penh is the perfect city to explore on foot and that's exactly what the teams do in this interactive and engaging Amazing Race. Participants explore the city's most breathtaking tourist sights while on a mission to solve puzzles, clues and challenges. 

Introduction to Amazing Race on Power Point

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Participants of the Bangkok Amazing Race in front of Wat Arun

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