Amazing Race with Mobile Phone

Mobile Phone for clues and challenges

Phones supplied by Beunite

One Samsung Galaxy Phone per team with instructions and game mode will be provided by the event organizer. Upon return, participants enjoy watching themselves on the picture and video slide show debriefing. This option is most tested and is recommended by Beunite.

Bring your own phone to this event

Bring your one phones

The advantage of bringing your one phone to the game is that the team is faster, more agile and more engaged because each participant within the team can simultaneously use their phone at the same time. Slide show and video debriefing can still be arranged during gala dinner.

Bangkok Amazing Race Hand Out Sheets

Without phones

Any of our Amazing Races can be played entirely without phones, and it's still fun and meaningful. A booklet with instructions will be given to each team instead. Market barter challenges, cryptic clues and many other tasks remain the same, yet there will be no photo or video tasks and hence no video slide debriefing at the end of the event.

Picture and Video Slide Show

Picture and video slide show debriefing

The picture and video slide show debriefing works best when phones are supplied by Beunite. Participants enjoy watching their teams (and their opposing teams) on large screen when they struggle, have fun, solve problems, navigate through the city, and overcome of the most peculiar of challenges. The crowd typically erupts in laughter when watching the Helping Hand Activity.