Hanoi Scavenger Hunt PROGRAM

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What is the Hanoi Scavenger Hunt all about?

Hanoi Scavenger Hunt is an exhilarating team-building adventure that leads participants on a dynamic journey through the captivating alleys of the Hanoi Old Quarter. This urban challenge seamlessly blends riddles and clues, evaluating teams' problem-solving abilities and cultural insights. Teams race against the clock, deciphering clues to discover hidden gems and conquer captivating challenges at renowned locations like Hoan Kiem Lake, the Hanoi Opera House, and St. Joseph's Cathedral. Beyond testing participants' physical and mental prowess, it cultivates teamwork and a memorable experience in Vietnam's capital city.

What's the objective of the Hanoi Scavenger Hunt?

During the Hanoi Scavenger Hunt, teams accumulate points through the art of unraveling riddles and clues, accomplishing shopping challenges, and delivering pictures and videos to the event coordinator. The goal? To master the winding lanes of Hanoi's Old Quarter, conquer puzzles, and amass the greatest number of points within a specified timeframe, all in the pursuit of claiming the coveted victory, complete with a rewarding prize. 

How to communicate during the Hanoi Scavenger Hunt?

In the Hanoi Scavenger Hunt, successful teamwork hinges on efficient communication. Each team employs their personal smartphones to maintain a dedicated WhatsApp group, guaranteeing smooth coordination, the prompt exchange of clues and tactics, and real-time updates. This enriches the overall adventure in the heart of Hanoi, making it an exciting urban experience. 

Contact us at info()beunite.com or connect to our WhatsApp +66 84 629 05 07

What's the Duration of the Hanoi scavenger hunt

The Hanoi Scavenger Hunt offers flexible scheduling, catering to diverse preferences and timetables. Participants can choose between a half-day adventure, a full-day expedition, or even briefer durations, ensuring a customized experience. Whether for a quick adrenaline fix or a comprehensive exploration of Hanoi's Old Quarter, the options are tailored to suit various preferences. 

What's the agenda of the Hanoi Scavenger Hunt?

The Hanoi Scavenger Hunt is a half-day event. It can be customized to be full-day. Here is a sample half-day agenda:

13.00 Meet up in event venue (can be hotel's ballroom), ice breaker & energizer activities.

Power point briefing.

Participants group up by team color. 

13.30 Start of the race. 

Teams must overcome challenges, like, decyphering riddles and clues.

Photo and video challenges.

Market Barter challenges.

Street food tasting.

17.00 Teams return to the meeting room.

17.30 Debriefing and award ceremony.

18.00 Photo shooting.

18.15 Event is finished.

Contact us at info()beunite.com or connect to our WhatsApp +66 84 629 05 07

What's the Target clientele of the Hanoi scavenger hunt?

The Hanoi Scavenger Hunt is designed to accommodate a wide-ranging clientele, making it an attractive choice for corporations from any sector. This innovative event is crafted to captivate and unify participants of all ages and positions within the organization. 

What's the Availability of the Hanoi Scavenger Hunt?  

The Hanoi Scavenger Hunt is accessible all year long, with the most pleasant weather conditions, characterized by milder temperatures, prevailing between October and April. It's worth noting that unexpected rain showers can add an element of surprise to the adventure at any time of the year. 

What's the best group size of the Hanoi Scavenger Hunt?

We recommend team sizes of 5 to 8 participants, with smaller teams at a slightly higher cost. Group sizes should not exceed 10 participants.

Can we customize this team building event?

For the Hanoi Scavenger Hunt, we provide two distinct program choices. The first is a pre-designed package with fixed prices and rates. The second option allows for complete customization, tailoring every detail of the event to align with your unique requirements and preferences. 

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