Phuket Amazing Race

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What is the Phuket Amazing Race Team Building Event?

The Phuket Amazing Race-style team-building event is inspired by the popular TV show with the same name.

Participants are split into teams of 3 to 8 members and each team must complete challenges at various locations around Phuket, fostering teamwork, communication, and problem-solving. 

They follow clues, tackle mental or physical tasks, and work within time limits, emphasizing strategy and collaboration. 

The Phuket Amazing Race promotes team bonding, offer diverse challenges, and ensure an enjoyable, engaging atmosphere. 

They're customizable for corporate team-building, leadership development, and group bonding activities, suitable for indoor or outdoor settings. 

Why should we organize an Amazing Race in Phuket?

Booking a Phuket Amazing Race team-building event offers several compelling reasons:

Overall, a Phuket Amazing Race team-building event offers a unique and enjoyable way to foster teamwork, improve communication, and develop essential skills while enjoying the stunning surroundings of Phuket.

Last activity of the Phuket Amazing Race at Carpe Diem Beach clubl.

The Phuket Amazing Race with BBC Chartering ended with a blindfold puzzle activity at Carpe Diem Beach club with consequent dinner.

How much will it cost to organize an Amazing Race in Phuket

The cost depends on the number of participants and the season. Booking an Amazing Race in the off-season is considerably cheaper then in high season. It also depends on the duration, your customization and special requirements. The cost is typically between 2,000 and 4,000 Baht / person. We cater to a demanding, up-market and sofisticated clientele but can give discounts during May to August.  

Why should we book the Phuket Amazing Race with Beunite?

Beunite is the leading team building organizer in Thailand with vast experience running the Phuket Amazing Race. We customize every event to the client's needs. Our team is young, professional and fun to work with and our corporate culture complements with young, energetic and highly ambituous start up companies.

Our Beunite Phuket team is energetic, entertaining, professional and fun to work with. 

Contact us at info(at) or add us to your What'sApp +66 84 629 05 07

What is the perfect group size for the Phuket Amazing Race?

The trend is towards smaller teams, we have had teams as low as 3 participants. But in average about 5 to 6 participants per team is a good number. Many clients with a limited budget make larger groups, up to 9 per team which is ok but it limits group engagements a little. 

6 team members discussing their strategy before the start of the Phuket Amazing Race

The average group size for the Phuket Amazing Race is about 6 people, with 9 the maximum size and 3 the minimum size.

So we need to organize a meeting room for the Phuket Amazing Race?

Since most of our Amazing Race clients are corporate clients, and they book a hotel in Phuket for their team outing, we recommend having a meeting room for briefing or debriefing. However, for small teams of 30 or less, we don't necessary need a meeting room for briefing or debriefing. This can be done in the hotel's lobby. But the hotel should be asked for permssion by the party booking the hotel.

Team building group during a debriefing at the end of the Phuket Amazing Race

It is customary to organize a ballroom for large groups to conduct a proper briefing and debriefing. The ballroom will only be used for 30 to 45 minutes before the start of the race and for 30 to 45minutes at the end of the race.

Can I do the Amazing Race with family or friends friends?

Yes, of course. Although we gear towards corporate clients, if you have just 6 friends or family members, you can make three groups of two players. Although these events are geared towards adults, however we can customize the Phuket Amazing Race for a group or family with kids 10 years up.

How much notice do you need to organize an Amazing Race for our organization?

When booking our event in Phuket, group size is key for preparation. Large groups need more notice, and during the high season, additional lead time may be necessary. 

In the low season, we can take on events with as few as one week's notice, but typically, 2-3 weeks are sufficient. The ideal case would be 1 month for seamless planning. 

We would like to organize an overnight team building package that includes the Amazing Race, who should we contact?

We are delighted to organize your entire team outing. Please contact info(at) or check out the website for meetings and offsites, and overnight packages on

Contact us at info(at) or add us to your What'sApp +66 84 629 05 07

Appsmith group standing on the beach at Le Meridien Phuket

Beunite organizes overnight company outings, offsites, meetings and team building events. The ideal duration for your Phuket retreat will be 4 days 3 nights. The program may or may not include the Phuket Amazing Race.

How do we travel around Phuket during the Amazing Race?

We organize Songtaew vehicles and they are the 9-seater tuk-tuks with two benches in the back. They can comfortably fit 6 people, and maximum 8 in the back and one in the front. We also organze the Phuket Amazing Race with 9-seater mini-vans.

Phuket Amazing Race on Songtaew Vehicles with ERA Group

The preferred mode of transportation in Phuket is by Songtaew vehicle, it's a four-wheeler with two paralel benches in the back. The vehicle can comfortably fit 6 people with a maximum capacity of 9.

Will there be awards or prizes for the winning team?

Our Phuket Amazing Race team building program typically includes awards for teach person in the top 3 winning teams. 

Team leader of the winning team is awarded with a prize.

Participants from the winning teams can usually pick a prize from a pool of awards, or sometimes there are cash prizes handed out to individual or group winners. 

Is the Amazing Race an indoor or outdoor event?

We typcially start the Amazing race indoor with a briefing, followed by 2-3 hours outdoor activities and consequent indoor debriefing.

Beunite facilitator is conducting and Amazing Race briefing in the ballroom

Briefing and debriefing is usually held in the ballroom but teams hunt for pictures and clues outdoors.

Contact us at info(at) or add us to your What'sApp +66 84 629 05 07

What is the duration of the Phuket Amazing Race?

Our Amazing Race events are typically half-day in the morning with lunch in Phuket town or in the afternoon followed by dinner. But for shorter or longer programs, please contact

Participants of Appsmith Group finding and enjoying coconuts in Phuket old town

If participants visit Phuket old town as part of the Phuket Amazing Race, then the duration is minimum 3 hours. We usually recommend having lunch or dinner in one of Thailand's most authentic restaurants in Phuket old town.

What technology do you use for communication?

Participants use their own phones. Prior to the event we make a WhatsApp group with the client. During the event, we post instructions, riddles and clues on the group and groups can return photos, videos and answers to the clues to us through the phone. This serves two purposes:

Participant of team building event in Phuket is using his mobile phone for communicating pictures and videos to the organizers.

Each team leader will use their own mobile phone for communicating picture and videos to the organizers. Pictures and videos will be shown during debriefing for great amusement of the audience.

What locations or tourist sights are we going to visit during the Amazing Race?

It depends on where you stay in Phuket. To avoid long traveling times, we find attractions that are near your resort. Famous sites are Big Buddha, Wat Chalong and Phuket old town.

ERA's white team group photo in front of Phuket Big Buddha

Big Buddha is just one stop along the Phuket Amazing Race journey. At Big Buddha, teams must solve cryptic clues and pose for a group picture.

Are there any fun warm up games or ice-breakers you would recommend before the start of the Amazing Race?

We usually start up with some ice breaker activities such as Rock Paper Scissors or Dance Monkey. What complements the Amazing Race theme is "Team identity", whereby teams must come up with a team name, a rallying cry, and paint a team flag which they hang up at the Songtaews to show their team efforts during the race. 

Flag painting is part of the Team identity ice breaker before the start of the Amazing Race

Teams must come up with a team name, a rallying cray and paint their team flag. The flag is put up on the Songtaew to showcase the team vehicle.  Team color, team name and rallying cry must all make a coherent theme.

How many facilitators will you provide for this type of event?

When teams travel around Phuket on an amazing race by Songtaews, we usually have them accompanied by a tour guide. In addition, we need about 4 support staff. The majority of our team is based in Phuket but some may be flown in from Bangkok.

Beunite Phuket team

We currently have over 15 full and part time staff in Phuket. For big events, we fly in additional facilitators from Bangkok.

How can we book the Phuket Amazing Race?

We suggest you send us a WA message +66 84 629 05 07 or send us an Email We will organize a phone consultation and consequently send you a proposal. 

Do you need a deposit and how do we pay you?

We usually request 50% upfront to secure the booking, the rest payment can be done one day prior to the event. We accept bank transfer, crypto currencies, cash and payments by credit cards. 

For payments by credit cards, you may use one of the following payment providers:

You may need to open an account. Not all service providers handle payments from every country in the world. Please do your own research. 

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